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RPIG  (Hungary)


The Livestock and Meat Product Board was established in 1992. Its primary task is the co-ordination of members interests in the production chain (pig and cattle producing farmers, co-operatives and societies, slaughtering and meat processing companies, meat and meat product wholesalers and retailers).

The mandate of the Product Board is to assure that all players in the sector should have a possibly equal share in the profit produced by the sector.

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Objectives of the Livestock and Meat Product Board: The Livestock and Meat Product Board reassures the enforcement of guarantee regulations concerning agricultural market rules; it follows practical realization of economic regulations; it regularly informs competent governmental and social organizations about its experiences; it prepares opinions and recommendations for authorities; it maintains constant relationship with the Ministry of Agriculture, international and Hungarian organizations; continuous data gathering from production to market processes and preparing propositions based on the findings.


Hungarian Livestock and Meat Product Board is a partner in the EU PiG project, providing support through work package 7 (Regional Knowledge Exchange).

Our team

György Endrödi, Brussels Office Representative

Brussels Office representation since 2014 on behalf of the Hungarian red-meat sector, and general agriculture.

Main activities: Lobbying, co-ordination, market analysis, participation in different Working Parties and CDGs in Brussels (Pigmeat Working Party, Pigmeat Price Forecast Pigmeat CDG-DG-AGRI, Beef and Veal Working Party, Advisory Group on Beef meat-DG-Agri, Animal Welfare Veterinary Questions-COPA-COGECA).

György Endrödi