Aims of the project

The EU PiG Innovation Group (EU PiG), aims to help pig producers find tried-and-tested best practice from fellow producers across Europe, sharing all new knowledge in one place, online - funded by the European Horizon 2020 programme. The project ended on 31st October 2020.

The project closed with a webinar about the impact and legacy of the programme. From African Swine Fever to the rise of flexitarian consumers, the increase in environmental awareness to increased pressures of high animal welfare – the industry is under continued pressure to change and thrive. Members of the EU PiG consortium demonstrated the significant impact the project’s best practices have had on the EU Pork industry today.



Each country has its own Regional Pig Innovation Group (RPIG), providing the first point of contact, linking pig producers and other experts to identify emerging issues for EU PiG and to share knowledge and best practice. Further information, including contact details are shown on the map below.

Regional Pig Innovation Group (RPIG) leaders


Best practice themes

EU PiG has four key themes, identified as the main focus areas for the EU pig industry:

Health management

Improving the health of the European pig herd to increase farming efficiency.

Meat quality

Development of premium quality products by improving characteristics including taste, nutritional value, texture, appearance and yield of pig meat.

Animal welfare

Care and treatment of livestock through increased understanding of the welfare requirements of the pig.

Precision production

Adopting more innovative technologies and practices to improve productivity.