EU PiG Webinar: the impact and legacy of the programme

EU PiG will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday 6th October 2020 to discuss the legacy of the Horizon 2020 funded programme. Using case studies of best practice from across the 4 years of the programme, members of the EU PiG consortium will demonstrate why these case studies have significant impact for the EU Pork industry today. From ASF to rise of flexitarian consumers, the increase in environmental awareness to increased pressures of high animal welfare – the EU industry is under continued pressure to change and thrive. EU PiG has 32 case studies of best practice innovations, identified by farmers/producers for farmers/producers. Our webinar aims to showcase these best practices, the resources available and how they can impact farmers/producers.

The webinar is hosted by EU PiG coordinator, Ben Williams, AHDB

Speakers from Austria, Denmark, Italy and Belgium will present their case studies and impacts, as well as a provision of the 4 themes of best practice EU PiG focused on during the programme. Register here 

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