Ambassador: Pierre Oteiza, France

Publication date: July 2020 | Theme: Meat quality

Challenges: Being competitive in small scale farming: Developing a niche market for pork

Breeder, Pierre Oteiza from the Kintoa region, has chosen the specifications required to enable the production of a high value-added product, by protecting a living heritage (the Basque Pork breed), while preserving its territory (intermediate zone of mountains maintained, moors, forests, grasslands), and developing the activity on its territory.



  • In 2017, the average price was € 3.69 / kg carcass;
  • The price scale can go up to 4.07 € / kg;
  • An annual increase estimates a carcass price in 2020 of 4.35 € / kg;
  • Average daily gain of pigs is approx 406 gr/day, compared to 803 gr/day of conventional intensive pigs;
  • Kintoa pig farmers make a net profit of 0,58 € per kg live weight compared to other local farmers making a loss of -0,08 €/kg;
  • Higher finisher pig price compensates the higher production costs.


  • Higher cost of production, approx 64% higher.

Innovation in practice

  • Purebred animals, slow growing animals, 12 months minimum to slaughter – Defined by a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO);
  • Extensive raising for more than 12 months;
  • Non-GMO food from the geographical area of the PDO (70%);
  • Pastoral empties 2 to 4 months after each batch;
  • Wooden shed integrated into the landscape;
  • Minimum carcass weight of 100 kg and minimum back fat thickness of 25 mm.

KINTOA PDO meat is a deep red meat, very marbled (content of intramuscular lipids> 6% in the loin), a white fat, a silky touch. After cooking, the meat is tender and juicy.


Pierre Oteiza's motto "leave time to time":


3 years for this little black and white pig to take advantage over time of its territory, nature and the resources of the mountain, to give the best of its flesh, delicate and marbled and thus be extraordinarily appreciated by all gourmets. As for its dark red ham, marbled and fragrant, it is salted and matured for almost 2 years in the open air and rocked by the southerly wind, thus providing all ham “enthusiasts”, pleasures, conviviality and shared memories.


The PDO (Kintoa Protected Designation of Origin): Long work worthy of the interest of an entire responsible sector, proud and clinging to its territory in order to perpetuate its survival and harmonious development.

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