RPIG  (Austria)


The University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna in Austria is one of the leading academic and research institutions in the field of Veterinary Sciences in Europe. About 1,300 employees and 2,300 students work on the campus in the north of Vienna which also houses five university clinics and various research sites. Outside of Vienna the university operates Teaching and Research Farms.

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The University Clinic for Swine, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna is dealing with all aspects of Swine Medicine in teaching, research and field services.

Research is focused on swine diseases that are currently of interest to researchers, farmers and state administration and with emphasis on infectious diseases in pigs.

Lectures intensify students’ knowledge of practices in the swine sector and take place at the clinic, the teaching and research farm and at various farms in collaboration with practising vets.

The Clinic also supports veterinarians and farmers in herd health management, individual animal examination and in depth diagnostic analysis.


The University Clinic for Swine, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna will participate in the EU PiG project as leader of  work package 2 (Health Management). The aim of this work package is to collect and consolidate existing knowledge and validate the best practices in selected topics within the area of health management. In year 1 of the project, the focus will be on ‘biosecurity’ and ‘optimising the use of antimicrobials’. The work package will also develop a network of experts to form a Health Management Thematic Group for wider consultation on the topics in question. We will also participate in work package 7 (Regional Knowledge Exchange).

Our team

Andrea Ladinig, Assistant Professor for Swine Medicine

As a senior scientist Andrea is working for more than 10 years in the area of swine medicine with special focus on infectious diseases in pigs. Andrea holds a DVM and recently finished her habilitation focusing on the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS).


Elena Lucia Sassu, DVM, PhD

Elena is a veterinarian with a strong interest in One Health and host-pathogen interactions. She holds a PhD in infection immunology of pigs that focuses on Actinobacilllus pleuropnemoniae's mechanism of immune evasion. After a collaboration with the Animal Health and Production Laboratory at the FAO/IAEA, she recently joined again the team of the University Clinic for Swine at the Vetmeduni as a post-doc.