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RPIG  (Italy)

The inter-branch organization of the Gran Suino Italiano represents 46.16%, according to the latest figure of total leaders surveyed 31.12.2015 from pig Banca Dati Nazionale Suinicola for Emilia Romagna, for a total of 1,083,661 pigs  approximately at the end of the market cycle.

The idea stems from the desire of some economic groups to consolidate relations accrued within a supply chain project promoted by the Region of Emilia Romagna. The aim of the project is to unite the various sectors of the supply chain to promote the growth of the single reality, through innovation, quality and sustainability.

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Within our organization are recognized several important members of the Italian pig industry representing all the different phases of the national pig industry. By farmers, slaughterhouses, processors the organization's idea is that with each individual point of view it is possible to build a stronger and more advanced organization for the italian pig sector and that only together is it possible to prevent major issues at stake sector.

By collaborating with various research institutions, including the CRPA, the organization is in constant contact with experts to improve and enhance the key points of the supply chain such as quality, environmental sustainability and productivity.


The Gran Suino Italiano, in collaboration with the CRPA, are the only italian organisations in the project. Specifically OI Gran Suino will be the Italian RPIG, with the task of bringing together the various parties of the national pig sector, to agree with them what are the issues and problems of interest for the sector, and through the annual Grand Prix contest, select the best agricultural practices to resolve or in some cases improve the specific problem or treated agricultural practice. (work package 5 - Meat Quality). 

Our team

Guido Zama, President

Dr. Guido Zama (M.Sc.). Graduated in Agricultural Economics (M.Sc.). Since 1996 until now he is heading the Emilia Romagna office of Confagricoltura, one of the most important agricultural trade union in Italy. He gained a long experience in the economic analyses. A significant part of his works is dedicated to boosting the development of the agriculture sector in the North of Italy.

Vincenzo Mirra, Executive Manager

Dr. Vincenzo Mirra (M. Sc.). Graduated in Biotechnology (M.Sc). Since 2016 until now he is working for Confagricoltura Emilia Romagna, firstly as administrative employee and now as Technical employee. His expertise is on the field of the biology and biotechnology of supply chain of pigs, fruits and vegetables. He worked and manage different supply chain and have different contact with many realities of this field.