RPIG  (Germany)


The DRV represents the interests of cooperatives from the German agriculture and food sector. The 2,185 cooperatives are important partner in the added value chains in the processing of crop and animal products. Mainly in the rural areas more than 82,000 employees are working for the cooperatives.

The added turnovers of Raiffeisen co-operatives grew from 3.5 billion Euros in 1950 to 58.8 billion Euro (2016). The cooperatives are owned by farmer, gardeners and vintner.

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The Deutscher Raiffeisenverband as apex federation of rural co-operatives, promotes and represents "the professional and special economic members' interests", as laid down in the statutes, in the events leading up to market policy decisions in Berlin, at the European Commission in Brussels.

The DRV informs its members about all legal projects which are relevant for the cooperative movement and analyses the political decisions. Thus the enterprises can immediately adjust to new basic conditions. The DRV sees itself as competence and service centre for the various concerns of the Raiffeisen co-operatives.


In the role of the RPIG leader the DRV coordinate the selection of the best practice solutions in Germany and the spread into the sector.

The DRV in cooperation with the ZDS (Zentralverband der Deutschen Schweineproduktion) provide support to work package 2 (Health Management), and work package 6 (Communication and End User Material), along with work package 7 (Regional Knowledge Exchange).

Our team

Dr. Verena Schütz, Head of Meat and Livestock Division

To work as head of division for livestock and meat production for the DRV applying my experience in the supply chain management for meat chains.

The main task of the work is representing the interests of the German cooperatives in the meat sector (from breeding up to pro-cessing) towards the German and European politics. Furthermore I support the 85 cooperatives in the meat and livestock division within research activities, communication activities and market research.


Wiebke von Seggern, Team Assistant

Since February 2017, I have worked for the DRV as team assistant in livestock production.  I was awarded my Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Sciences, and Master's degree in Geographies of Rural Areas - Change via Globalization.  My research focused on areas of intensive livestock agriculture, and sustainability in livestock production. In addition, I have practical experience in pig farming by living and working on a farm.


Clemens Schulz, Head of Public Relations for BRS

I work as Head of Public Relations for the BRS - a federal Association of Beef and Pig. The task of the Federal Association is to promote German animal breeding and animal husbandry - in particular for the animal species of beef and pork.

The aim is to preserve German animal husbandry, to strengthen the competitiveness of affiliates and to support the sustainable production of high-quality products. The Federal Association acts as a link between the interests of the members and third parties (society, politics, science and other professional associations) on a national and international level.

Dr. Verena Schütz

Wiebke von Seggern

Wiebke von Seggern

Wiebke von Seggern

Clemens Schulz