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IFIP (institute for pig chain) produces technical and economic standards for the benefit of French farmers, their advisory providers and more generally economic actors involved in the national pig chain. 90 people (including 65 ag.engineers, DVM or PhD) offer a wide range of expertise covering the whole pig chain.

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IFIP expertise, especially through its departments, Farming Techniques and Carcass & Meat Processing, is fully concerned by the fields targeted in the EU PiG project: animal health and related practices (e.g. the use of antimicrobials), animal welfare (castration, mutilations, farming methods…), precision farming (monitoring, warning emission, modelling & automated disposal driving…), meat quality screening (technological, organoleptic, microbial…).

For research or demonstration, Ifip avails on specific equipments: a 200 sow farm for testing, a laboratory for microbiological studies, a RX scan to assess tissue composition on live animal or carcasses.

Beyond R/D activities, IFIP also brings an expert advice to various pig chain actors and Public authorities. This wide range of activities draws on a dense network of partners, from academic research to field operators.


IFIP is involved in three EU PiG work packages - 4 (Welfare), 5 (Meat Quality) and 7 (Regional knowledge Exchange).  In work package 4, Valérie COURBOULAY and Patrick CHEVILLON will pool their expertises, respectively on questions regarding either the field of farming or the one of haulage/slaughter. In work package 5, Patrick CHEVILLON will be the first contributor and he will be assisted, as far as needed, by Valérie COURBOULAY (farming), Antoine VAUTIER (meat technological quality) and Gérard DAUMAS (imaging, body composition assessment). In work package 7, IFIP will bring some help to INAPORC, bringing its own field experience and networks.

Our team

Valérie Courboulay, Senior Engineer Farming Techniques

Brussels Office representation since 2014 on behalf of the Hungarian red-meat sector, and general agriculture.

Valérie Courboulay is graduate (Ag.eng). She has been working in IFIP on different technical fields since 1989. Her field of excellence has been from the last 20 years the study of pig welfare and behaviour at the farm level, herd technical management (esp. interactions animal/farming conditions or animal/farmer). She paid a particular attention through several projects both to environmental enrichment (through ways consistent with field conditions) and to farm practices causing pain to the animals (i.e. castration, tail docking and teeth clipping).

Patrick Chevillon, Senior Engineer Carcass & Meat Processing

Patrick Chevillon is graduate (Ag.eng). He has been working in IFIP since 1992, he got a strong expert view on haulage & slaughter conditions and their incidence both on meat quality and welfare issues. He also took part in several projects (in which EU projects or networks) studying the incidence of non-castration on welfare, but also on the emission of unwanted odours in meat and on the possible ways to avoid them.

Antoine Vautier, Engineer Carcass & Meat Processing

Antoine Vautier is graduate (Ag.eng.) and has been working in Ifip since 2002. His research projects mainly concern the assessment of technological or sensory quality of meat products, by looking for predictors and/or implementing measurement methods complying with field conditions in the industry.

Gérard Daumas, Engineer Carcass & Meat Processing

Gérard Daumas has been working in IFIP since 1983. His research projects mainly concern the analysis of carcass composition and the assessment of measuring equipments operating in the slaughterhouses. Upstream, an expertise was got on image analysis (MRI and RX scan) for implementing a new reference method.

Valérie Courboulay