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RPIG  (France)


The French Interprofessional Pork Council (INAPORC) gathers in its Board the heads of pig sector Unions: feed, pig farming, producer organizations / cooperatives, slaughtering and deboning, collective catering, butchers and large retailing. Our role is to defend the interests of the French pork sector, by implementing collective actions of general interest and by being a privileged interlocutor of the public authorities.

Our actions include: communication in order consumers like to buy the products of the pig industry; actions to promote the products for export (international exhibitions, seminars); the support and the orientation of the Research and Development according to the needs of the pig sector.

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INAPORC's fields of work are addressed by its Board of Directors and are reflected in research and development activities. Lot of them are in line with the interests of the EUPIG Innovation Group project: animal health management, animal welfare, meat quality, optimizing the means of production and approaches to bring added value.

INAPORC is also the interlocutor of health authorities, for the surveillance and control of the sanitary quality of the products and the interlocutor of the public authorities in terms of animal welfare.


INAPORC has a Regional Pig Innovation Group (RPIG) role in the project, thus, INAPORC will perform the following tasks: identify the priority themes of work to be delivered to the thematic groups; recruit candidate farms to participate in the competition of best practices of breeding (Grand Prix); disseminate the information tools produced by the participants of the EU PiG Group project to pig breeders in France; participation in work package 7 (Regional Knowledge Exchange)

To do this, INAPORC will mobilize its network made up of Professional Federations, Porcine Regional Associations and IFIP. 

Our team

Didier Delzescaux, Director of INAPORC

Didier Delzescaux works in professional organizations devoted to pig industry since 1991. He has been the director of INAPORC since the Interprofessional Pork Council was created in 2002.

Fabien Verliat, Research & Development Project Manager

Fabien Verliat works at INAPORC since 2007. His main experiences relevant with EU PIG project are about antimicrobials uses measurement and its reduction of consumption, animal welfare, bills of specifications and meat quality.

Didier Delzescaux