RPIG  (Finland)


Our activities include promoting the health and welfare of food-producing animals by coordinating national animal health care and welfare programs. The herd level information is accessible online. The import of production animals, embryos, semen and feeds are controlled to minimize animal health risks on voluntary basis. We regularly inform on preventive measures related to animal diseases and maintain a national positive list of animal-feed companies which fulfil additional criteria to ensure the safety of their products.

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Animal Health ETT (SIKAVA) has worked intensively from the 1990´s with disease eradication programs and developing national animal health care system. We are practically nationwide Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) considering enzootic pneumonia, salmonellosis, atrophic rhinitis, mange, swine dysentery and PRRS-virus.

Our core expertise areas are chain integrated actions within animal health, welfare and food safety. The chain management is based on health and welfare classification of pig farms. The SIKAVA system is recognized as a national quality system defined by EU regulation 2010/C341/01 and certified ISO9001 standard quality management system. The system covers over 95% of Finnish pig production.

Production results such as low mortality, high daily gain and intact tails are strengths of Finnish pig production.


Animal Health ETT will work as a RPIG member in the project through work package 7 (Regional Knowledge Exchange). The association works as a joint venture with main pig slaughterhouses, farm veterinarians, farmers and other stakeholders.  We are gathering information of best practises in Finnish pig production system and will share experiences, methods and knowledge of practises in pig production chains across the EU.

Our team

Taneli Tirkkonen, Chairman

Taneli works as a quality manager in a biggest pig slaughterhouse in Finland and he is also a chairman in Animal Health ETT/Sikava. He has 16 years of experience in pig production industry and healthcare on farm and national level.

Ina Toppari, Veterinary Specialist

Ina is currently working with SIKAVA on-line register in Animal Health ETT coordinating health classifications and animal welfare observations. Ina has previous expertise in disease diagnostics, in farm animal praxis and in controlling animal welfare.